How To Figure the Cost of Installing Vinyl Siding

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape

The cost of installing vinyl siding will depend on the surface area of the house. It is possible to estimate this based on the different shapes found on the home. Custom works and accessories will cost more but it is possible to get a good estimation for the cost of the siding. Overhangs will be significantly more expensive because the fit is tricky. Most companies will provide cost estimates. Calculate your own to ensure that a company has not inflated the price.

Step 1 – Sketch

Sketch out the different exterior walls of your home and divide each wall up into sections. These sections should be squares, rectangles, and triangles. The area of these shapes can be easily calculated to determine the home’s exterior surface area. Take measurements for the length and width of each shape.

Step 2 – Surface Area

Calculate the surface area of the squares and rectangles by multiplying the height by the length. The area of a triangle is calculated by the height multiplied by the length divided by 2 as a triangle is 1/2 of a square or rectangle. Calculate the area of each shape for the exterior and add it up for the total surface area of your home. Most exterior surfaces will contain a large square or rectangle and then a triangle or two at the eaves.

Step 3 – Price

Take the total square foot number you calculated previously and multiply it by the price per square foot of the vinyl siding.  If necessary remember to factor in any applicable tax. This is the ballpark figure. While the actual cost may differ it should not be widely different from this number. If the actual estimate is very far off from the calculate number then have the estimate broken down.

Step 4 – Use the Interior Sq Ft

It is also possible to calculate the cost by using the interior square feet of the house as this should equal the exterior square feet. This type of method can have a large variance of plus or minus 200 square feet to your final calculation. This provides a very general idea.

Step 5 – Interior Space

Take the home’s interior square feet and add on any additional areas that will require vinyl siding such as the square feet of the garage or an attached laundry room. Then take the square feet and multiply it by the siding price.

Step 6 – Compare

Get the price per square foot of siding from different companies and compare the different siding offers from each company as well as how the different siding options also vary in price. There are many different options for vinyl siding and they will all have different associated costs.

Step 7 – Installation

Be sure to inquire about the installation. The different options will have different amount of labor involved. Most vinyl siding is very easy and simple to install and some options can even be painted on. Once this siding is installed the maintenance is quite easy as it just needs to be washed down with water.