How To Fill A Waterbed: 3 Tips For Fewer Bubbles

Waterbeds are ideal for people who can not sleep on a firm mattress, and they are heated to make cold winter nights more bearable. However, filling a waterbed can be quite a chore. Using a garden hose is the easiest way to get the job done, but it can also be a little bit tricky. Here are a few steps to filling the waterbed with fewer water bubbles.

Remove Faucet Aerator

Most faucets have a small mesh cap on the end of the spout. This is called the aerator. It gives the water those little air bubbles you see when you fill up a glass. These air bubbles are not something that you want in your water bed. If your faucet has one of these, unscrew it before attaching garden hose.

Fill One Quarter at a Time

Turn on the faucet and run warm water into the waterbed mattress. When it is about one quarter full, shut the water off.

Roll a Broom Over It

Remove the hose from the intake valve. Roll a broom handle over the mattress from top to bottom to remove any air bubbles. Repeat this every time the mattress reaches another ¼ full. Once it is full, do it again. Repeat the process 3 days later.