How to FIll Holes in Cedar Paneling

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30-50
What You'll Need
Cedar sawdust
Wood glue
Disposable container
Masking tape
Dustpan and brush
Slim paintbrush

Cedar Paneling can develop holes for a number of different reasons. The holes can ruin the look of the paneling so you will need to fill the holes to restore the structure of the panel. With a few simple steps, you can repair the panels by filling the holes to return the cedar panels to their original glory.

The Filler

Inspect the cedar paneling in order to determine how many holes it contains. Then, calculate the appropriate amount of filler that is required to complete the repair. Place a small piece of masking tape beside each one so that you don't miss any holes. Use a stiff bristle paintbrush to remove any loose particles that may remain in the recesses. Try to remove all loose particles because they can prevent the filler from properly adhering to the wall.

Create Filler

Make your own filler for the repair of the cedar paneling by gathering cedar sawdust. Use a dustpan and brush to sweep up the sawdust and sift through it to remove any larger pieces of wood. Discard the large pieces of wood so that you are only left with fine particles. Deposit the sawdust into a disposable container before adding wood glue. Gradually add glue to equal parts of sawdust while stirring the mixture with a dowel. Continue in this manner until the glue and sawdust are thoroughly combined.

Apply Filler

Use a spatula to fill the holes in the cedar paneling by gathering a small amount of the filler on the tip and applying it to the hole. Gradually continue in this manner until you fill the hole and it is no longer possible to add any more. Avoid letting the filler come into contact with the surface around the hole that does not have any holes. Force the filler into the hole properly to ensure that no air bubbles are present.


Then, use a scraper to level the surface as soon as you have filled the hole by gently passing it over the repair site. Wipe any filler from the edge of the scraper. Make sure that you have a damp rag at hand so that you can wipe away any excess filler from around each hole in the cedar paneling. Work on each hole so that the filler doesn’t get the opportunity to dry before you are able to finish it properly.

Let the filler dry thoroughly before checking it to ensure that it has not suffered any shrinkage. If there has been some shrinkage, repeat the entire process. You can also apply stain to adjust the color to the desired shade. The stain can be purchased at your local home improvement store.