How to Fill Holes in Wood for a Natural Wood Finish

What You'll Need
Wood Stain
Wood Filler
Putty Knife

If you're working on a project with an old piece of wood, it can be hard to get a uniform natural wood finish, especially if the wood has holes. Here is a quick way to fill them and give your wood project a great overall look.

Step 1 - Choose Your Materials

First purchase a hardening wood filler then choose your stain. If your wood is in good condition, buy a stain that matches its finish. If the piece you're working with needs a total update, you can choose whatever color stain you want and finish the entire piece with it.

Step 2 - Mix Your Stain and Filler

It's a good idea to experiment on a scrap piece of wood to get that perfect shade. Place a little bit of filler and a bit of stain on the wood and mix it, adding more stain or filler until you get the best natural wood finish.

Step 3 - Apply the Filler

Apply a good amount of filler to the holes with your putty knife. Wait for it to dry completely before sanding it with a rough-grade sandpaper. When you get close to the wood, switch to a finer sandpaper so as not to damage your piece.