How to Fill in Chipped Wood on an Antique Chair

What You'll Need
Wood putty
Wood stain
Pallet knife

Discovering a chip in the wood of an antique chair can be discouraging, but can nonetheless be tempered if you are aware of the steps necessary to rectify it. Having the knowledge to fill in a chip on the chair will help to restore its look and reduce the risk of a loss in value.

Step 1 – Fill Recess

The first step is to clean out any debris that may be present in the dent by brushing it with a paintbrush. Gather a small amount of wood putty on the edge of a pallet knife or onto your finger and apply it to the chip until it is filled.

Step 2 – Finish

Smooth the repaired section of the antique chair until it is level with the surface surrounding it. If necessary, gently wipe a water-dampened cloth over it and allow it to dry.   

Step 3 – Stain

If the wood putty used on the repair to the antique chair is not the same color as the wood surrounding it, stain will need to be applied. Match the color and apply it with a paintbrush before sealing it with varnish after it has been allowed to dry.