How to Find a Bat Hiding in Your House

Bats hanging upside down.

Your dog or cat may be the first to notice a bat in the house. If they do, you should put your pet where it won't come in contact with the flying visitor. Bats may carry rabies. A bat, usually a very small creature weighing only an ounce or two, can easily find a place to hide and be very hard to find.

Don't Panic

A bat inside a house.

Bats scare people, but they aren't really dangerous. Most of the time they want to get out of your house as much as you want them out.


A bat hanging upside down.

Bats sleep during the day, so that's the time to look for them. Wearing heavy gloves, long sleeves, pants, and good shoes, search every room in your home one at a time. Check behind drapes and furniture. A bat with its wings closed is small and blends in with anything dark. When a room is cleared, close it off so the bat can't get into it.

Don't Touch

A bat flying outdoors.

When you find the bat, cover it with a towel, gather it up, and take it outside.

You may want to check your house to see where the bat got in. Fix vents or broken windows. If there is a colony of bats in the house, call a professional who can help get rid of them.