How to Find a Flat Roof Leak

Locating a flat roof leak can be difficult sine the leaks can come in any direction. By comparison, leaks in sloping roofs are easier to find. With some patience, however, you can find the leak by following these straightforward tips.

Step 1-Check the Roof Flashings

The roof should be dry before you begin as this makes it easier to look for the leak. Begin by looking at the transitional materials of the roof. These are known as the flashings and include sections where the roof connects to other parts of the building such as a chimney or plumbing installation. The materials used here are often made from metal. If you find that there is a crack in one of the flashings, then that will likely be the source of the leak.

Step 2-Look for Dry Puddles

On any flat roof, it is likely that water will collect in certain areas forming puddles. If you find a dry puddle, distinguishable by rings of dirt where puddles have dried up, you may find a leak in the center.

Step 3-Testing for a Flat Roof Leak

Using a hose, you can test for leaks, but this will require some time and patience. To save time, you should find the most likely spots and slowly run water over the areas.