How to Find Discount Vinyl Siding Products and Services

various siding products

Discount vinyl siding can be found in many different places. It is possible to add siding to your home without needing to spend a fortune on the products and services. Below are several ideas that you can use to save money on your vinyl siding products and services. Some of them take time and patience, and some of the options will produce immediate results.

Purchased Discontinued Products

As you start to look for your vinyl siding products and accessories, begin to research discontinued products and styles. There are several different manufacturers on the market that have vinyl product lines. Find out from your local home improvement center which is discontinued and search for discounts available on the old product lines.

Purchase over Stocks and over Supplies

You can purchase an overstock or oversupply from several different sources. This will take a little patience and some time. First, approach your local home improvement center and see if they have an oversupply of siding. If they do, they may have a sale. Then, contact your local contractors that work with siding on a regular basis and see if they have leftover materials and supplies that they are willing to sell to you for a discount. You would be surprised how many contractors have jobs canceled and then are left with the supplies to either get rid of or use again, assuming of course that they can find a customer that likes the same product they have.

Contract Services at off-Peak Times

Depending on where you live, a siding contractor is usually the busiest in the spring and summer months. Their business tends to die down during the fall and winter. In order to get some sort of discount, contract with the contractor for their services during the time of year when they are not busy. They will be more likely to offer you a discount for the services during this time of year when the demand for their work is lower.

Check Online

There are many different resources online. You can likely find suppliers that have various online storefronts. There are even suppliers online that sell only discounted products.


Just like any other industry and product, manufacturers make mistakes and they have products that are not perfect. You will need to research to find this "seconds" market and speak to the individual manufacturer. You are likely to find products with nicks and scratches that might not appear to the naked eye when installed on the outside of the home. You can purchase these for fractions of their regular retail prices.

Going out of Business Sales

Contractors and material supply companies come and go. They usually publish going out of business sales in the newspaper. As the sale progresses, the discounts get larger and larger. If you are not picky, then wait until the last few days of the sale to pick up some of your vinyl siding products and services.