Determine Whether Your Tiles Are Glazed Ceramic

  • Beginner

Glazed ceramic tile can be distinguished from an unglazed tile in your home. Ceramic tiles are those tiles that are manufactured from clay that has been refined with other materials. The differential factor is a glass coating. This glass coating gives the ceramic tile a high glossy look that is apparent to the eye.

Clean the Tiles

Determine whether or not your tiles are glazed ceramic tiles by either cleaning them with a ceramic tile cleaner in order to determine if a glass coating exists. With the tile clean, the glossy shine will be indicative of the application of a glaze coat.

Contacting the Installer or Home Builder

The other way to determine if the tiles you have are glazed tiles is to simply acquire the name of the manufacturer and match the tiles to the manufacturer’s catalog or check with the installer. If the tiles were recently installed, information on the type of tiles used will be readily available from the person who installed the tile. If the home is older, contact the builder for the name of the tile’s manufacturer or information about whether the tiles are glazed or not.