How To Find Utility Lines Before Digging

  • Beginner

If you are planning to do any type of digging in your yard, it is a good idea to find out where any of the utility lines are located. Many people each year forget about this process and are severely injured because of it. You can easily find the location of the utility lines in your yard by following an easy process.

Call the Utility Company

Some states require that you call the local utility company, or the national "811" number prior to digging anywhere in your yard.

Have Your Information Available

Before you call you should know where you are going to dig and how deep. The operator that you talk with will ask you these questions before rerouting the call to the local utility company.

Wait for Inspection

Once you call that doesn't mean you can start digging. You must wait a few days before the utility company will come out to mark the ground where the approximate locations of utility lines are.

Various Depths

Even though you have the yard marked you should still take care of where you dig and how deep. Electric lines are usually 18-36 inches, while gas is usually 24 to 36 inches. Keep in mind that these are depths where freezing is an issue. If you do not have that in your area, then these depths could vary.