How to Finish a Reclaimed Wood Table

What You'll Need
Varnish safe for use with reclaimed wood, such as Waterlox
Paint tray
Nonabrasive washcloth

If you've recently purchased a reclaimed wood table for your kitchen, finishing the table can be a fantastic way to make it stand out and look better. So, if you want to breathe some new life into a reclaimed wood table, make sure to utilize the following steps.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Table for Finishing

Place your reclaimed wood table onto a protective tarp, and give it a vigorous wipe-down with a dampened sponge or nonabrasive washcloth in order to get rid of any dirt, dust or caked-on filth. Next, use a sheet of sandpaper to go over any rough areas of the table to ensure that your finish application goes as smoothly as possible.

Step 2 - Apply Your Finish

Make sure the area in which you are performing this step is properly ventilated by opening up any doors and windows and turning on any exhaust fans. Next, pour your varnish into a paint tray and proceed to load up a paintbrush. Begin applying the varnish to your reclaimed wood table in smooth, even strokes. When finishing or painting tables, it is generally recommended that you start from the bottom and work your way up.

Once your first coat of finish has dried, check to see if the finish's packaging recommends the application of additional coats.