How to Finish a Wood Table for Outdoor Use

What You'll Need
Paintbrush or roller

In order to finish a wood table so that it will not suffer damage when it is used outside, there are several steps that need to be undertaken. With a little treatment, you will find that a wood table will last a lost time, despite it being exposed to the elements.

Step 1 – Prepare

The first step necessary to finish a wood table for use outside is to prepare the wood. Start by undertaking any repairs that are required and sand away any scratches. Follow this by cleaning the table so that no debris is present to get caught in the varnish.

Step 2 – Gather Materials

You should ensure that you finish a wood table using the correct method according to the type of wood. Some will benefit from oils that can be rubbed into the wood and will highlight the grain, while the use of varnish will be better for others.

Step 3 – Apply Treatment

Finish the wood table by applying the varnish with a paintbrush, working methodically to ensure that it is completely covered. Keep a rag in hand to wipe up any drips. Allow the first coat to dry before applying another.