How to Add Drywall to the Bare Concrete Walls of a Basement


Basement drywall is installed over bare concrete, over foam panels or on a wood frame. Regardless of how the basement drywall is installed, it needs to be finished. Finishing basement drywall allows you to paint it or install paneling. This article will explain how to finish basement drywall.

Inspect the Basement Drywall

Look for any scrapes, breaks or holes in the drywall. Examine both the seams of the drywall and the nails or screws. The goal is to remove all of these imperfections to create a smooth surface.


Drywall tape is used to cover the drywall seams. Start at the top of a seam and center the tape. Tape the entire length of the seam. Press down with the putty knife. Repeat for each seam.


Cover every seam, screw, and nail hole as well as all other imperfections with drywall mud. Mix the drywall mud and apply it with a putty knife over the bad areas. After it dries, sand it until it is flush with the drywall. Apply more drywall mud over the first application, but an inch or so past the edge. Sand it down again.