How to Finish Shoe Molding

What You'll Need
2 inch paint brush
Semi-gloss paint
Stain pad or brush
Wood filler
Painters putty

Shoe molding is a great way to transition between the base molding and finished floor. You’ll want to make sure the finish of the shoe molding matches the finish of the base molding to achieve the most uniform look. Shoe molding can be finished one of two ways: a stained finish or a painted finish.

Step 1 - Painted Finish for Shoe Molding

Prep the molding by filling all the nail holes with painter’s putty. Then use a fine grit sand paper to sand down any excess putty. Many types of base molding come pre-primed which means you can eliminate the additional step of priming the molding before you paint it.

Step 2 - Applying Primer

If not pre-primed, you’ll need to apply a coat of primer before applying the semi-gloss paint. Use a high-quality 2 inch brush to apply the semi-gloss for the best results.

Step 3 - Stained Finish for Shoe Molding

Make sure you match the shade and type of stain if you want the finishes to match exactly. It’s also important that you use the same type of wood filler as the species of wood used in the shoe molding. This will ensure an even texture and grain when staining. After you’ve prepped the molding, apply the stain using a staining pad or brush.