How to Fit a Kitchen Extractor Fan

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-300
What You'll Need
Kitchen extractor fan
Drywall saw
Circuit box
Electrician's tape
Wire caps

A kitchen extractor fan is used to provide ventilation in a kitchen. It works in a similar manner as a bathroom extractor fan, removing excess moisture, fumes, and other particles in the air. A kitchen extractor fan can be fitted or installed in the same area as the current oven vent. The process for fitting a kitchen extractor fan involves locating a place for the installation within the kitchen, building a housing box, connecting the wiring and placing the extractor fan in place.

This article will discuss the tools, materials and steps necessary to fit a kitchen extractor fan. This process involves some knowledge about electricity and basic wiring. If you are not sure you have these skills, take a class at a home improvement center or brush up on basic wiring skills before attempting the fitting of the kitchen extractor fan.

Step 1 - Mark Installation Area for the Extractor Fan

Use a ladder in order to locate the place on the ceiling that is near the kitchen vent. This is the best place to install the kitchen extractor fan in the kitchen. Once you locate the installation spot, mark the ceiling with a pencil to indicate where you will need to saw a hole in order to place the circuit box and attach the wires.

Step 2 - Purchase the Kitchen Extractor Fan

kitchen exhaust fan

Go to a home improvement center and purchase a kitchen extractor fan. Along with the other materials needed for the fitting. You will need a circuit box that will be used to house the fan and the wiring. Make sure the housing you purchase fits the fan. There may be a recommended type or size housing box that is provided by the kitchen extractor fan manufacturer.

Step 3 - Create a Hole for the Housing Box

Before you begin installing the kitchen extractor fan you need to cut off the power to the main circuit breaker. This will make it safer to work with the wiring during the installation of the extractor fan.

Use a drywall saw to make a hole that exposes the wires near the vent fan. You will need to identify the wires that control the fan and the fan switch. This is necessary in order to place a splitter on the wire in order to operate the extractor fan. As soon as the wires have been identified and set up to operate the extractor fan, run them through the housing box.

Step 4 - Attach the Kitchen Extractor Fan

Set the housing box inside the wall, securing the sides with screws into the ceiling studs. With the housing box set in place, attach the extractor fan. The fan should cover the housing box and the hole that was made to accommodate the box. Once you secure the wiring and cap the ends with wire caps and electrician's tape, tuck the wire into place and attach the fan.

Turn the circuit breaker on and test the switch in order to make sure it is working properly.