How to Fit a Roll-Up Garage Door Opener Motor

women working on a garage door opener motor
What You'll Need
Tape measure

The garage door opener motor is the part that activates the lifting mechanism to either raise or lower the garage door. When installing a new garage door opener you will need to do what is called "fit" the motor assembly. This is generally easy to do as it goes in behind the railing system of the garage door opener.

Step 1 - Install Garage Door

The door must be installed before you can install the garage door opener motor. Once that is completed, you will be able to accurately measure the distance needed for the motor.

Step 2 - Install Door Bracket

There is a bracket that goes from the door to the lifting mechanism. This must be attached to the garage door.

Step 3 - Install Railing System

A rail system is what drives the chain, or the belt, for the garage door opener. Typically this is positioned in the center of the garage door. Install the brackets for this railing and secure it to them.

Step 4 - Install Garage Door Opener Motor

Once the railing is set into place, you will be able to see where the motor will need to be installed. You may need to add some cross bracing for the garage door opener motor in order for it to be secure properly. Once the bracing is installed, the motor is secured at the end of the railing.