How to Fit and Install Felt Shingles

What You'll Need
Felt shingles
Tape measure

Fitting and installing felt shingles has become an increasingly popular feature of many modern home designs. While traditional installations included the asphalt or slate shingle, modern designs are keen on the interesting colors of felt shingles, and also the flexibility of the material. using felt is a quick and simple way of placing tiles on your roof, and you should be able to find a pattern to suit your needs.  It is possible to buy a range of different colored felt shingles for your roof from a number of companies, and you can also fit and install them with very little effort. With a few spare hours, and by following a few basic guidelines, you should easily be able to fit felt shingles onto your roof.

Step 1 - Work out the Fittings

Before you can even begin buying your felt shingles, you will need to know how many you want for your roof. You will need to know the size of an individual tile, and you should then work out the slope and size of the roof. Using your tape measure, take the length and width of your roof, and then add a few extra tiles in case of wastage. Tiles should be placed on the roof with a suitable overlap of around one inch along each side, and if you are planning to lay them in a complex pattern, then you may need to add more, and overlap a little more.

Step 2 - Add Underlay

In order to protect your roof with the felt shingles, you will need to add a layer of underlay on top of the roof. This can be made of plastic sheeting, metal or any other fabric which will protect your roof from the elements. Lay the material along the roof, adding roofing nails along the sides until you have completely covered the roof. Add a layer of caulking along the edge.

Step 3 - Add the First Row

The first row of tiles should be laid at the bottom edge of your roof. For this layer, you will need a complete set of rectangular tiles. Lay them end to end along the base of the roof, nailing each one into place using a roofing nail, and tapping it with your mallet. When you have done this, add a layer of caulk along the sides of each tile.

Step 4  - Add the Rest of the Shingles

You are now ready to add the rest of the shingles. If you are using square tiles, then you can lay them in a regular overlap, making sure that there is enough overlap between one tile and the shingle below. Install against the prevailing winds (information available from your local authority) to give your roof the best chance. When you come to the top of the roof. Cut each tile into 3, and then lay them in a right angle over the top, nailing down on each side.