How to Fit Curtain Rods to Bay Windows

What You'll Need
Marking pencil
Measuring tape
Drill bit
Wall anchors
Curtain rods
Fixing Brackets

A bay window adds grandeur to your home, but installing curtain rods to them is quite a task. From choosing the rod design to fitting them, most feel the need for an easy method that would work fast. With some patience and systematic approach however, curtain rods on bay windows can be fitted within a span of an hour.

Step 1 - Choosing the Rods

The first task is to select the kind of curtain rod you want for the window. It may be a standard set of 3 rods that is the most common variety. Shops stock rods in pairs or even as single pieces according to the dimensions of the bay windows. You might also choose from decorative ones that are elaborately made. These may be the aluminum or wrought iron varieties that are bendable so as to accommodate drapes and valences. Such modern styles are on the heavier side of your pocket and it is the standard 3 set rods that are lighter on the purse as well as easy to fit. Bay window basic rods come in monotone or shimmery colors that can be selected so that these match the paint and style of your room.

Step 2 - Taking Necessary Measurements

Decide the exact point where you would place the curtain rod keeping in mind the position of the topmost part of the window. At this place, make a pencil mark so that that the bracket can be placed later. Take note of this mark’s distance from the top and side areas. Accordingly, mark the position where to place the remaining brackets. The curtain rod must be fixed at a straight level.

Step 3 - Putting up the Three Rods

Now place the main left and right rods on the ground and attach their respective brackets. Then take this and make it coincide with the bracket marks you have made on the wall. Next, mark the places where there are screw holes with the pencil. This will make it easier to put the screws later.

Step 4 - Drilling Holes in the Marked Places

Make the needed holes and drive in the screws. Put the anchors into them. The process must be repeated for all the brackets. Tighten the screws with the aid of the screwdriver. In the same way, install the main hinge brackets, thereby proceeding to install the exterior brackets.

Step 5 - Finishing Steps for Fitting Rods

Choose your desired curtain and pass the rods through their hems. Now align the holes of the curtain rods against the pins of the fixing brackets. Let the outer edges of the rods cling on to the outer fixing brackets. Now you may pleat or arrange the curtains as you wish. You may add drapes at any angle you want. Lace valences too can be placed stylishly over the rods to add a sophisticated look. Use any style; anytime. Your bay window curtain rods are finally fitted!