How to Fix a Broken Electric Pressure Washer

A woman uses a pressure washer.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Advanced
  • 0-40
What You'll Need
Screwdriver or ice pick
Long nose pliers
What You'll Need
Screwdriver or ice pick
Long nose pliers

An electric pressure washer is a very effective device used for various cleaning purposes ranging from cleaning cars, glass, dirty walls, and floors. The device works by pressurizing water to wash off dirt from any surface. Like other electric devices, the electric pressure washer is prone to damages that require repair or replacement. To understand how to repair a broken electric pressure washer, one must have a basic knowledge of the different parts of the washer.

The washer has a motor or pump, a trigger gun, and a pressure hose that connects the trigger gun to the pump. In order for the device to work, these three parts need to be in perfect condition. Here are some steps to follow to fix a broken electric pressure washer. If you have a gas pressure washer, use this guide instead on what to avoid.

Step 1 - Turn off the Power Source

Unplug electric pressure washer

Unplug the device from the power source before initiating the repair.

Step 2 - Check if the Device is Really Broken

Close up of electric pressure washer nozzle and water pressure tube

Troubleshoot the device first to find out if it is indeed broken. In some instances, the pressure washer may not be broken but clogged. Check the nozzle if it is clogged or not. Make sure that there is water on the water supply line. Check for leaks as well as it may lower the water pressure. If the electric pressure washer is indeed broken, proceed to the following steps.

Step 3 - Check the O-rings

Man Checking old O-ring in electric pressure washer

The pressure hose couplers have o-rings that may be damaged. Check the o-rings to determine if they need replacing. If the o-rings have deteriorated, use a screwdriver or an ice pick to puncture and remove the old o-rings. Pull the o-rings using long nose pliers.

Step 4 - Install New O-rings

Man using a screwdriver to remove a electric pressure washer's O-ring

Purchase a set of new o-rings from a supply store and replace the old ones with the new set. Use a screwdriver to push the new set in place and use a finger to check if they are secured in place.

Step 5 - Open the Water Pump

Open water pump fill cap on electric pressure washer

Open the fill cap on the water pump by removing the screws. Check if the oil level is just above the inside parts of the water pump. If the water pump does not have enough oil, refill it until it reaches the proper level.

If the pump is not working properly, have it removed from the pressure washer and replace any deteriorated seals and o-rings.

Step 6 - Check the Fuse

Checking the electric pressure washer's fuse with a volt meter

If certain repairs and replacements have been done and the electric pressure washer still does not work, it may have something to do with the fuse. Check the fuse if it is blown or not. Replace the blown fuse with a new one and test the device again.

Step 7 - Seek Professional Help

A professional repairman and an electric pressure washer

If the pressure washer emits a burning smell, the internal parts of the washer may have been damaged by a sudden surge of electricity. If this is the case, a professional needs to check the pressure washer.