How to Fix a Broken Louver

  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-50
What You'll Need
Shutter staples
Pliers needle nose
Repair pins
Electric drill with 1/8-inch bit
Tension washers
Utility knife
Wire cutters

A louver on a plantation shutter can be damaged in many ways, from children pulling on them, to furniture being caught on them. The louvers can usually be repaired or replaced easily with a few tools. If your blinds won’t stay open, follow these steps to fix the problem.

Step 1 - Check the Tension Screw

Turn the tension screws clockwise which will cause friction between the louvers and the stile. This makes the blinds stay open as designed. If this does not fix the problem go to the next step.

Step 2 - Replace the Panel Screws

Inspect the panel of the blinds. If the rails and stiles are coming apart you will have to replace the panel screws. Make sure the panel is square, clamp the rail and stile together and drill a hole through the stile. Drill the hole parallel with the rail and from the outside of the stile. Screw the panel and still together with two screws, one above the other.

Step 3 - Insert the Tension Washers

You will need to insert the tension washers between the louvers and the stiles to increase the tension. If the louvers don’t stay open, you may need to insert more than one washer.

Step 4 - If the Louver Needs Replacing

If you have to remove a louver to replace it, cut the louver staple with your wire cutters and spread it open. After taking the shutter panel off, cut the pin between the stile and the louver. Take off the louver from the shutters and remove the staple with pliers.

Step 5 - Install a New Louver

Make sure all the louvers are open by moving the tilt rod and place the thin end of the nylon shutters pin into one of the lovers end holes. Place the fat end of the pin into one of the shutter’s pinholes found in the stile, opposite the replacement pin.

If the pin won’t go in, make the hole a little larger with the drill. Shift the louver while pressing on the replacement pin until it pops through the louver hole.

Step 6 - Replace Missing Staple Connectors

If you have any missing staple connectors you will need to determine the size you will need by checking the other staples. The replacement staples must extend through the louvers the same amount as the existing ones.

Open the louvers by moving the tilt rod and move the louver with the missing staple so that the staple holes in the leading edge are facing the tilt rod. With the pliers, hold the staple and dab some superglue on the staple ends. Place the staple through the holes in the louver, making sure that it is straight.

Open the panel of the shutters so you can get to the back and move the louver so the staple holes aren’t facing the rod. Place another staple the same way through the holes as the first.

Step 7 - Close the Eyelet

If the eyelet on the tilt rod’s metal strip is bent, use the pliers to bend it away from the rod back into position. Close the eyelet with the pliers.