How to Fix a Broken Seal on Stained Concrete

What You'll Need
Power saw with diamond blade
Crack chaser with diamond blade
Grinder with light diamond blade
Polymer modified concrete slurry
Can of matching concrete stain
Paint brushes
Safety goggles

If you chip the seal in your stained concrete, you can repair it to return it to the original color. To do this, you will either pour an overlay of concrete for a large area or use a slurry in a small area of damage. You will seal it with the color and it will look beautiful again and be safe from the weather. The directions below outline how to repair a smaller area such as a crack, as more than likely, this is what you are encountering. As with all projects, safety is of upmost importance, so wear safety glasses, especially when using your saws.

Step 1 – Recut Problem Areas

Since you have a broken seal in part of the concrete, you need to cut the section out that is crumbling around the break. Using a power saw with a diamond blade, cut a small area of the damage. You do not need to cut a lot away. You just need to cut deep enough to overlay new material  Cut a little deeper than the damage.

Step 2 – Use a Grinder to Chisel the Concrete

Using your grinder with a diamond blade, chisel and remove any bad parts on the concrete and make it ready to patch.

Step 3 – Use Crack Chaser to Chisel

Switch to your crack chaser to clean the hole. Using a diamond blade, use the crack chaser to remove the debris in the hole.

Step 4 – Prepare a Slurry and Apply

Prepare a slurry of polymer modified concrete. A slurry is a suspension of particles in water. See your home improvement store for the proper slurry materials.

Apply the slurry to the hole you cut using a paint brush. This will fill the hole and patch is. Try to keep it looking similar in texture to the surrounding concrete. You can use a regular brush for this application. Allow the concrete to set.

Step 5 – Color the Concrete

The concrete in your patch is going to be gray so you will need to color it to match the existing concrete. If your concrete installation was recent you may still have a tin of the color available. If not, you will need to match the color at the home improvement store.  You can use a foam brush or a regular brush for applying your color. This will also seal the concrete.