How to Fix a Bunk Bed Slide

What You'll Need
Ratchet Set
Epoxy Filler

A bunk bed slide is a great attachment for any child's bedroom. This type of attachment is something that can add a little more functionality to a bunk bed. Waking up and sliding down the edge of the bed is more exciting, and even a little safer, than climbing down a straight ladder. If you have a bunk bed slide, and it is cracked, here are some steps to fix it.

Step 1: Inspect Bunk Bed Slide

Before doing any work to the slide, check the extent of the damage. If the slide's safety is compromised you will need to replace it with a new one.

Step 2: Remove Slide

Use a ratchet with the correct socket, and loosen the retaining bolts. Remove the slide and lay it down on a flat surface.

Step 3: Sand Slide

Rub a piece of rough grit sandpaper over the crack in the slide. Remove any sharp edges and plastic slivers.

Step 4: Apply Epoxy Filler

Spread out a thin layer of epoxy filler onto the slide. Make sure that the filler is completely embedded within the crack and about 3 inches all around.

Step 5: Sand and Paint

Let the epoxy set up overnight and then sand it down with some rough sandpaper and some smooth paper. Wipe it clean and paint to match the rest of the bunk bed slide. Install the slide onto the bunk bed to finish the project.