How to Fix a Leaking Hose Nozzle

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A hose is a great way to water your garden because you can do so at a distance. If your hose nozzle is leaking, however, then this can cause lots of problems and make it very difficult to use the hose properly.

Spotting the Leak

First you need to find where the leak is. Depending on the position of the leak you may need to repair or replace the nozzle. If the leak is around the connection between the hose pipe and the nozzle then this could be due to a poor connection. Make sure that this connection is waterproof and that the hose is in good condition. Sometimes the inner part of the hose can wear on this connection which would allow water to come out, in this case, cut the hose and reconnect it again. A metal circlip will often offer extra protection. Many new hoses have built in hose retainer clips.

Further Diagnosis

If the leak is to do with the hose nozzle itself then this could be due to the washers or o-rings inside. These will wear as time goes on which means they need to be replaced. To get to these o-rings you will first need to dismantle the nozzle.

Sometimes the hose nozzle might be too damaged to repair it, in which case you will need to replace it.