How to Fix a Leaking Jacuzzi Drain

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-250
What You'll Need
paper towels or tissues
a helper is useful
new pipes as needed
new washers as needed
mastic putty as needed
new compression joints as needed
a new fixture as needed

If you notice a leak in your Jacuzzi's drain you should act quickly to rectify the situation as it can cause damage to the surrounding floor or to the ceiling below if your Jacuzzi is located on an upper floor.

Fixing a leaking Jacuzzi tub drain is much like repairing a leaking drain in a regular bath except you are dealing with electrical power so you need to be mindful and be sure that all power to the tub is disconnected before you begin your work.

Once you have determined that the leak is coming from the drain and not from another source, you can begin to work on it. Other possible causes of leaks are shell cracks, pipe leaks, and leaking jet fittings.

Step 1 – Diagnose Leak

You will need to gain access to the pipes behind the tub. Joints can sometimes vibrate loose in new tubs, so this is a good place to start looking. You may have leaky joints, cracked pipes or the waste fitting may be poorly seated or badly sealed. Put the stopper in the tub and fill it with a small amount of water. Lay a few pieces of paper on the floor under the pipes where you suspect the water is dripping, Have your helper remove the stopper while you shine a flashlight on the drain. You should be able to confirm that it is the drain that is leaking. You will also be able to see any drips on the paper and you can look up and locate the leak. Shining a flashlight on the area that you suspect of leaking is an easy way to find it.

Step 2 – Remedies

You may determine that the seal that holds the drain to the tub has gone bad over time. If this is truly the case, you may be able to use mastic putty to reseal the joint and replace the fitting at the base of the bathtub as well.

Replacing the pipe if broken: It is possible that a pipe has cracked and this is what is causing the leak. It is best to replace cracked pipes although there are some compounds available to patch it. Consult with your local hardware store or Jacuzzi dealer.

A leaking joint: It is more likely that the leak is coming from a leaking joint. Never use a wrench to tighten spa joints. They should be tightened by hand although you might find this difficult. If you are finding that it is difficult to tighten by hand, loosen the pump mounting bolts so you can move the components slightly. Move them into proper alignment and then tighten them again. You may find this is easier.

First, you should try tightening the joints and see if this will fix the problem. Check all the washers and replace any which seem to be damaged or old. Test for leaks again by filling the tub and letting it drain. If you are still getting a leak, you may have to completely replace the offending joint.