How to Fix a Loose Tub Faucet Spout

What You'll Need
Channel locks
Large flat tip screwdriver
Allen wrench set
Teflon tape

Numerous reasons make fixing a loose tub faucet spout essential. A loose tub faucet spout should be regularly replaced or repaired to save water. This is because over a period of time, the finish of the spout may corrode and peel off due to exposure to cleaning chemicals and water. Often it may also start to leak, wasting significant amounts of water. This happens due to fittings getting loose or worn out.


Step by Step Procedure

Step 1 – Locating the Set Screw

Look beneath the tub spout to check if there exists any set screw. Usually, in most of the standard tub spouts, the set screw can be found on the spout that is nearest to the tub. If set screw exists, the spout is very simple to slide out. An allen wrench can be used to loosen up the screw counter by turning it clockwise. If it is difficult to find the screw set, use a flash light for clearer vision.

Step 2 – Open the Tub Spout

Using the screwdriver, place its tip inside the end of the bathtub spout. A screwdriver will be used to twist the spout as well as pull it simultaneously. If done properly, the spout should slide over the water line.

Step 3 – In Case Of Twist-on Spout

Some bathtub spouts do not contain screw, in which case, they are the twist-on type of spout. To remove the spout from the water line, a screwdriver should be used to turn the spout in a clockwise direction. If the spout is corroded it may not be so easy. It will require extra pressure to be removed.

Step 4 – Get the Right Faucet Spout

In most cases, the common problem with spouts is the leakage. There are many reasons for it. Though it is best to replace the existing faucet spout, broken parts of the spout can also be replaced. Many plumbing stores stock replacement parts for popular brands. Take the spout to the nearest store and get the exact parts to be replaced.

Step 5 – Installing New Faucet Spout

Unpack the new part and check for any damages. If everything seems right, replace the broken part or the new spout. To do this, slide the spout over the water line if the spout is the slide-on type. After this, use the Allen wrench to tighten the set screw. Once the set screw is considerably tight enough, use Teflon tape to wrap on the water line threads. Usually wrapping it three times is enough. The next course of action is to twist the spout as much as possible and then use the screwdriver to tighten it further.


Considerable caution should be taken not to interfere with or damage the waterline while removing or fixing the spout. Take care that not much pressure is put on the water line. Also turn off the water supply so water wastage is minimal.