How to Fix a Loose Wall Mirror

Take care to fix a loose wall mirror upon first noticing it, to prevent injury to people in your home. Here are tips to help you secure a loose wall mirror.

Determine the Cause of the Loose Fixture

Examine the mirror to determine why it has come loose from the wall. It could be one or more corner brackets, or if hung by a cord, the cord or the wall hook may be the source of the problem.

Loose Mirror Bracket

Try tightening the bracket screws. If this is not satisfactory, remove the mirror and reinforce the brackets with butterfly screw supports that expand behind the drywall to support the screws and the weight they bear. If possible, ensure that at least two mirror brackets are fastened directly into wall studs.

Loose Mirror Hook

Replace the hook with a butterfly screw support and rehang the mirror. If the mirror is 24 inches wide or wider, find two studs 18 inches apart behind the drywall where you want to hang the mirror, and fasten a hook into each of them. Lengthen the cord on the mirror to support it by both hooks.

Loose Mirror Cord

Reattach the mirror cord loops with a more permanent adhesive, or solder them to the mirror back.