How to Fix a Sliding Closet Door Track

room with black dresser and large sliding mirrored closet doors
  • 1-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
New track
Screw driver

Besides being elegant, a sliding closet door is very convenient. It provides a wide opening and saves on space, as it does not swing. The door operates on a top and bottom track and it slides effortlessly back and forth. When there is a problem with the track of your sliding door, you can fix it yourself by following a few simple instructions.

Remove Sliding Door

Lift your sliding closet door upwards into the top track. Direct the part of the door towards you and take out the door from the closet.

Take out Track

Remove the rollers from the track and ensure they're in good condition. You'll need to replace them if they're broken. Carry your rollers to the hardware store while purchasing new ones, to get the exact size that'll fit your sliding closet door. Unscrew the top track using the screwdriver. Do the same with the bottom track and set them aside.

Replace Track

white sliding closet doors

Take the new track and ensure it is of the required length and width. The track should fit exactly on the doorway. Use a saw to shorten your track if it is longer than required. Fit the top track on the doorway, and fasten it with the screws and ensure it is tightly fixed. The screws should not protrude too much on the outside, as they will prevent the door from sliding smoothly. Replace the bottom track in the same way. Replace the rollers on the tracks and secure them firmly using screws.

Put Doors Back

Remove the old roller plates from your closet door and replace them. Lift the door and fit it into the top track. Let the door fall slowly into the bottom track. Stand back a few feet from your closet to check that the closet door is properly aligned. The gap at the top and bottom of the door should be even and equal. Slide the door back and forth to ensure it opens and closes smoothly.

Ensure Regular Maintenance

Carrying out regular maintenance of your sliding closet door track will eliminate common problems such as the jamming of your door. Use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clean the track often and remove any debris and dirt that may have formed. Also, check whether the track is bent. If so, use pliers to pull at the dent in order to straighten the track.

To restore your closet door to run smoothly when the track is bent, you can also fit a piece of wood into the track. Hold the wood firmly, and use a hammer to shape the track against the wood. Make sure the track is straight before removing the piece of wood. Slide the closet doors to ensure they work properly again.