How to Fix a Sliding Closet Door Track: Pocket Doors

Pocket doors between rooms
  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200
What You'll Need
Utility knife
Pry bar
Screw driver
Drywall drill
New door track
Drywall plaster
Putty knife

A sliding closet door adds style into your home and works well in a small space since it does not need space to swing. Fixing a sliding closet door track is quite challenging as it involves getting access to a hidden part of the door. However, you can repair the track of your sliding pocket door with ease, guided by a set of simple instructions and with the right tools and materials.

Step 1 - Remove Sliding Doors

Use the utility knife to remove paint and caulk along the stops of the door jambs. With the chisel and pry bar, remove the stops from their position. Center the door on the doorway, tilt towards the room and lift it off the overhead track.

Step 2 - Remove the Track

Locate the door frame and mark the top to avoid drilling into the frame. Place the drill against the wall to establish the space where you will use it. Mark below the drill and on both sides. Drill through the marked area and remove it off the wall to help access the track. Once the wall is open, use the screwdriver to unscrew the overhead track. Follow the same procedure to remove the bottom track.

Step 3 - Replace Track

Ensure the new door track is of the same length and width as the old one. Ensure the door frame is level before installing the new track. If not, you can insert a shim on the far side of the door frame. Place the new door carriers on the tracks. Install the overhead track using screws and move on to the bottom track that prevents the door from jumping out while sliding.

Step 4 – Mount the Door

With the tracks in place, remove the old hardware from the door. Replace it with the new carrier plates that will attach the door to the tracks. Lift the door, mount it on the fixed tracks starting with the overhead track, and leave it to fall steadily onto the bottom track. Slide the door back and forth to make sure it is in place.

Step 5 - Repair the Wall

Having successfully fixed your sliding pocket door track, repair the area of the wall where you drilled to access the track. Clean out the holes by removing any debris then take the drywall plaster and fill in the holes on the wall using the putty knife. Smooth out the surface to level it with the rest of the wall. Leave it to dry. Take the sandpaper and smooth out the area then paint it with a color that best matches the rest of the wall and leave it to dry as well.