How to Fix a Squeaky Bed Frame

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What You'll Need
Plumber's sealant tape
Light machine oil
Cotton ball
Wax candle

Not only can squeaky bed frames keep you awake at night, but also they can be embarrassing. To locate the cause of the squeaks and stop them, follow these few steps.

Step 1 – Strip the Bed Down

Remove all bedding so that you’re left with only the bed frame, and the support for the mattress. While there are several types of mattress support, nearly all are in a metal frame.

Step 2 – Identify the Location of the Squeaking

With the metal bed frame open, it will be easier to locate the squeaks. Press down on the bed in different areas and listen for the noises. If the noise is coming from one particular area, skip to the step that applies to the squeaking part to remedy it.

If the noise still seems to be coming from several locations, it probably is. The screws that hold a bed frame together can come loose and cause these squeaks.

Step 3 – Take the Frame Apart

If you still can’t find the squeak’s location, take the bed frame apart with spanners. Instead of locating each possible squeak, you can use the steps that follow to cure every possible squeak and prevent future ones.

Step 4 – Oil the Caster Wheels

Casters seldom create noises because of the massive loading on them. However, to prevent any possible squeaks, you should clean your caster wheels and drip a little bit of light machine oil onto the bearings.

Step 5 – Apply Sealant Tape to the Screws

If your screws are squeaking, they are likely no longer a tight fit. Unscrew them and apply a layer of plumber’s sealing tape to each of the screws. The thin tape will hold the screws in place better and provide some lubrication in the screw hole.

Add Washers

If the screws are still squeaking, you can add washers to them. Before replacing each screw, add a washer that’s about 1/16 inch thick.

Step 6 – Re-Assemble the Bed

Put the bed back together again. If the bed is still squeaking, look for areas where metal parts have been rubbing together — they will look shiny or scratched. Rub a wax candle over them to prevent future squeaks.

Step 7 – Investigate the Mattress Support

If the noises continue, you should investigate your mattress support. Whether coiled springs or woven metal mesh, you can apply a small drop of light machine oil with a cotton ball at each mounting point to prevent nuisance noises.