How to Fix a Squeaky New Door

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  • Beginner
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What You'll Need

Everyone has experienced the annoyance of an old door that squeaks, but when a new door does it, the results can be even more frustrating. However, there are simple ways you can stop a new door from squeaking, and the tips below will cover some ways to keep your door swinging quietly and efficiently.

Temporary Fix

When most doors squeak, the noise is often the result of the parts of the hinges rubbing against each other. As a result, many homeowners have found that adding lubricant on the hinge can stop a door from squeaking. However, you should keep in mind that if you decide to use this solution you are only applying a temporary fix to what is generally a structural problem with your door. As such, you should apply lubricant if you need an immediate quick fix, but keep in mind a greater solution may be necessary. For this temporary solution, use a proper type of household lubricant, such as WD-40, for best results.

Go to the Root of the Problem

The next option is to attack the true root of the problem directly. As mentioned before, most squeaking is a result of grating hinges. With that in mind, you should try to tighten any loose hinges on the door as a way to attack the problem. More often than not, the top hinge will be the culprit since most of the weight of the door is placed in this area.

Check the Alignment

One other way to make sure your new door stops squeaking is to check the alignment. Sometimes, doors are installed imperfectly, and the door may droop at a slight angle. This is easily verifiable by either checking by sight to see if your door aligns with top of its frame all the way through, or by placing a level parallel to your door. If the door was not properly aligned, you can usually fix it by loosening the hinges, re-adjusting the door, and then tightening the hinges once again with the door held in a more straight alignment.

To conclude, although a squeaking door can be a nuisance, there are several ways to fix this problem without too much hassle or effort.