How to Fix a Television That Has Water Damage

television with water damage
  • 3-5 hours
  • Advanced
  • 250-500
What You'll Need
Hair dryer
What You'll Need
Hair dryer

When a television has water damage, there is, unfortunately, not a whole lot that you will be able to do yourself. You may find that a few different tricks will work and get your television working again, but you may end up having to take it to a professional repairman. Because repairmen can often cost a lot of money, it is always a good idea to try to remedy the problem yourself first. These steps will not likely do any damage to your television if they do not work, and they are cheaper than taking it to a professional or getting a brand new television set.

Step 1 - Unplug the TV

It may seem like a no-brainer, but as soon as you have noticed that the television has suffered water damage you will need to immediately unplug the television set. You may also want to move it from where it is originally set if it can be done easily. This, of course, depends on the amount of water damage that there is. If there is enough for it to leak, the television will definitely have to be moved from its current location.

Step 2 - Blow Dry the Affected Area

Sometimes you may be able to benefit from simply blow drying the spot where the television received the water damage. It is always a good idea to not blow entirely hot air on the areas. If there is a 'cool' button, it is advised to press it while in use or to use the blow dryer on a lower setting. If you have a compressor, it would help to blow air at a somewhat reduced pressure over the affected area to "remove" the moisture from electrical connections to reduce the risk of corrosion and eventual degradation and further breakdowns down the road.

Step 3 - Be Patient

A lot of the time, you will want to just wait it out while the water dries out on its own. Set the television in an area where it will be able to get plenty of ventilation and will allow it to sit and dry out for a day or two. This is sometimes the only thing that you will be able to do. Depending on where the television received the damage, you may want to take off the back and allow it to air dry that way. After the television has been drying for a few days, put it back together and plug it in to see if it works.

Step 4 - Repairman

If all of these methods have failed you, you may end up having to take your television to a repairman's shop. You will need to call them and tell them how much water damage the television has received and where exactly it received the damage. They may be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone so that you will be able to decide if the water damaged television is worth fixing.

Step 5 - Replacement

If worse comes to worst, you may need to purchase a new television set. You may find that a used one is sometimes a good option. Look online at different websites that sell used appliances. Be sure that you ask a lot of questions and look at the television over thoroughly before you purchase it. This can hold you over until you are able to get a new one.