How to Fix a Washing Machine Clogged Drain

If you ever find that your washing machine clogged drain is causing issues with the machine's ability to work. Then you will have some options on how to fix it. Most often, the best way to fix this problem is to snake the drain. This is something that is very effective and is not very difficult to do. This is something that you can do yourself or something that you may want to hire a professional to do. Whatever you choose, you will find that this is something that can quickly and effectively fix the problem of your washing machine. 


Snaking is something that is typical whenever you have a severe drain clog and have no other way to be able to get it fixed. Basically, what a plumbing snake is is a type of a long cable that has something called an augur at the end of it. There is a crank at the opposite end. The way that it is used is it is lowered down into the drain that is clogged. The force of the snake will be something that will free the drain from being clogged. There are 2 different types of augurs. The first is the most common and well known one, it is longer. This is called a drain augur. The other type is shorter and is called a closet auger. 


Sometimes, a good way for you to get rid of a clog is to shoot a high powered stream of water through the pipe. Something like a garden hose with an attached bladder is a good way to do this. This is something that can usually work for a small clog. Make sure that you do this carefully so that you do not damage anything going in or coming out of the pipe. You can also try to pour in sulfuric acid concentrate. This is something that will normally break down most clogs. 


There is always a good way for you to try to simply flush out the clog. You can open up the pipe on the outside and then get the drain sealed with duct tape. Once you have done that, you will need to get your washer ran through on the drain cycle. If your clog is not very severe, then this is something that you can do to try to flush it out. 


If worse comes to worse you can always hire a professional. They will be able to use professional equipment and get down good and deep into your system so that they can tell exactly what it is that is wrong with the problem and fix it quickly. There is nothing that a professional hasn't already seen. While this is something that is going to cost