How to Fix Broken Mini Blinds

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10
What You'll Need
Replacement parts
What You'll Need
Replacement parts

If you are having problems with your mini blinds, there are some DIY fixes that you can try which will save you from having to buy new ones. If the blinds are still under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer to see if they will fix the problem for you. Trying to fix the blinds yourself will most likely invalidate any existing warranty so don't begin any work until you are sure.

Step 1 – Remove Blind from Window

Lower the blind as far as it will go and tilt the slats into the open position. Remove the mini blinds from their brackets and lay them on a large flat surface such as a table or a workbench. If you don't have space then you could lay them on the floor on a piece of plywood.

Step 2 – Access Bottom Rail

Take off the end caps and cover for the bottom rail of the blind. This will allow you access to the knots or clips that hold the ladders and lift cords in place. How you proceed from here will depend on which part of your mini blinds is broken.

Step 3a – Replacing Slats

If you need to replace broken or damaged slats, disconnect the lift cords from the bottom rail. Depending on the model of the blind, these may be clipped or tied on. Pull the lift-cords through the slats until you can remove the required slats and replace them with new ones. Run the lift-cords back through the remainder of the slats and secure them in place. Replace the cover and end caps.

Step 3b– Replacing a Ladder

To replace the ladders, you must pull the cord through the slats to the headbox and disconnect them from the tilting mechanism before slipping the ladders off each side of the slats. Position the slats into the new ladders and reconnect the tilt tube and bottom rail. You will also need to thread the lift cords through the slats, taking care to weave them in and out of the ladder rungs so that the blind functions properly.

Step 3c– Replace Lift-Cord

Before you begin removing a lift cord, make sure that you have another blind to use as a guideline to re-thread it into the headbox or draw a quick sketch so that you get it right. Pull the cords up into the headbox and through the pulley system then discard them. Feed the new cords through the pulley system and down the ladder. Weave the lift cord between the rungs for correct operation. When the cords are all secured, replace the bottom cover and end caps.

Step 4– Hang the Blind

Rehang the blind on its brackets and test its operation. If you replaced the ladders or lift-cord, you will probably need to adjust the bottom rail so that it is level. Always dispose of any broken parts responsibly. You can recycle old blind slats as markers for vegetable or flower seeds that you have planted in your garden by cutting them down to size.