How to Fix Scratches in Mahogany Furniture

Custom desk
  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30-75
What You'll Need
Very Fine sandpaper
Soft, lint-free cloth
Small watercolor brush
Wood marker
Tinted wax sticks matching your mahogany color
Finishing liquid (lacquer, wood stain, etc.)

Mahogany furniture is one of the most valuable items to be found in households due to the fact that mahogany wood is becoming a rare commodity. Therefore, taking good care of it is important and any scratches need to be immediately fixed. However, this is a fairly easy task if you have the right tools.

Step 1 – Preparation

Assess the damage. Light scratches are very easy to repair. Once you have located all possible scratches on the furniture get your sandpaper and gently sand the area. It is very important to eliminate any rough edges around the scratch without applying too much pressure with your sandpaper. Keep in mind to always work in the same direction of the grain and slowly work your way on the scratch with the sandpaper. Do not be too hasty because you risk causing further damage.

Step 2 – Using the Furniture Repair Marker

Once you have sanded up the scratches you should remove any dust particles by wiping the surface with your lint-free cloth. As soon as the area is clean you can get the furniture repair marker that matches you mahogany and color in the sanded area.

Step 3 – Filling in Shallow Scratches

At this point you should get the iodine solution and the small watercolor brush. Start by dipping the brush in the iodine and use it to fill in the shallow scratches. You shouldn’t be hasty and put a blob of iodine. Instead work slowly and fill it in with thin coatings. Remember to always let each coat consecutively dry before applying the next one. This will work wonderfully if you have dark mahogany, so keep on applying as many coats as needed to best cover the scratch.

Step 4 – Filling in Deeper Scratches

If you have deep scratches consider using wax sticks to fix them up. What you need to do is to sand the scratch’s edges with the fine sandpaper to get a smoother result. Then wipe them down with the lint-free cloth and use the wax sticks to fill in the scratches. Now get the lint-free cloth to blend in the wax to the rest of the furniture so that you will get a perfectly buffed surface.

Step 5 – Finishing Up

By now you should have all the scratches repaired. However, the best way to completely finish off the job and to have the repairs nicely blend in with the rest of the furniture (especially if you have fixed many scratches) is to apply the same finish coat already present on the furniture (lacquer, varnish, wood stain). However, if you do not know what kind of finish you have, you can use a compatible clear finish. Get your paintbrush and apply thin multiple layers. Remember to wipe access liquids with a soft cotton cloth and to let each coat finish before applying another one.

This is the easiest way to fix any scratches in mahogany wood. Keep in mind that this type of wood is very precious so do not be hasty in you work.