How to Fix Sliding Closet Door Rollers

closet doors
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 40-60
What You'll Need
Sliding closet door track
Pry bar or claw hammer
3-in-1 oil

A sliding closet door roller can sometimes come off track and cause the closet door to work improperly. The easiest way to fix this problem is to simply snap the door back on to the track and allow it to slide free again. Over time however this problem may become persistent and require a more long term solution. The problem is in the rollers to the sliding closet door. You can attempt to fix these rollers in hopes of solving the problem with your sliding closet door. Or you can simply replace the roller track and reinstall the closet door.

This article will discuss the process for replacing the sliding closet door rollers in order to eliminate the problem with the closet door coming off track and not working properly.

Step 1: Remove the Old Sliding Door Closet Track

Take the sliding closet door down and place it away from your work area. Using a screwdriver, remove the existing slide door closet rollers. If necessary, you may need a pry bar or claw hammer in order to gently remove the roller the rack from the floor once the screws have been removed.

Step 2: Purchase a Replacement Sliding Door Track

Go to a local home improvement center or hardware store and purchase a replacement sliding door track for the closet door. Be sure to find the exact track that you removed from the closet. If necessary have the store or retailer order the part for you. You may also be able to go online and find the manufacturer's web site in order locate the replacement part and order it.

Step 3: Install the Replacement Sliding Door Track

Install the replacement sliding door track. It should be the exact sliding door track that was removed in step 1. The existing holes in the floor of the closet should line up with the pre-drilled holes in the replacement sliding door track. Line these holes up and using a screwdriver fasten the replacement closet door track to the floor. Make sure that the closet door is secure and does not move before you proceed with the final step in this repair process.

Step 4: Place the Door on Track

Take the sliding closet door that was placed out of the way and guide it into position on the sliding door track. Lock the door's rollers into place and test the door by sliding it back and forth. Take the 3-in-1 oil or lubricant and place a small amount in the sliding door guide. This should help lubricate the track and make it easier to open and close your sliding closet door.

Periodically (perhaps once every 6 months) place a small amount of oil into the sliding door track in order to keep it working properly.