How to Fix Squeaky Shower Doors

shower door
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 45-70
What You'll Need
Liquid soap
Soft cloth
Water displacing spray
Paper towels

A squeaky noise is a common problem on shower doors. It is often caused by dirt or rust on the door hinges. The door fails to latch properly when it is closed. That allows water to escape from the shower enclosure onto the floor. A slippery floor can easily cause you to fall and sustain serious injuries. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to fix that squeak, as outlined in the steps below. Follow these steps to fix your squeaky shower door.

Step 1 - Inspect the Hinges

Check the hinges along the shower frame with your fingers to confirm that they are firmly secured. You may find that a couple of screws have come loose. Tighten loose screws with a screwdriver. Do not tighten too much, as it could strip the screw threads and damage the door hinges.

Step 2 - Test the Door

Slowly open and shut the door. Listen keenly for a squeaky sound. It usually emanates from the pivot hinge above the door. As the door is opened and closed, the weight exerts some strain on the upper hinge.

Step 3 - Check the Door Frame

Use your fingers to inspect along the door frame for obstructions. With time, dirt, grit, and other fine debris tend to become lodged between the frame and hinges. Use an old toothbrush to gently clear whatever dirt you may spot. Work patiently until you have cleaned the entire frame. Clean the hinges with some liquid soap and a soft cloth.

Step 4 - Remove Corrosion

Place a thick layer of paper towels beneath the hinges. It will capture liquid that drips from the hinges so that you have less of a mess to clean up. Apply water displacing spray generously onto the hinges and all around. It clears corrosion on the hinges and improves mechanical activity. Open the door to the furthest point and spray inside where the hinge attaches to the pin. Close the door. Repeat the open-close activity a few times to allow the water displacing spray to trickle through the hinges.

Step 5 - Apply Lubricant

Open the door wide and position yourself inside the shower. Use a soft cloth to generously apply lubricant to the hinges inside the door. Step aside and close the door. Apply lubricant to the hinges outside the door. Wipe away excess oil with paper towels. Open and close the door several times. You will find that the clean and well lubricated hinges now operate without a squeak.

Step 6 - Clean the Hinges

Dilute a small amount of liquid soap with warm water. Apply some of the solution to the hinges. Use a toothbrush to wash the hinges. Doing so helps to clear dirt and fine debris that is generated during the lubrication process. Rinse the hinges with cool water and wipe them dry with a soft cloth. Apply some more lubricant to the hinges in order to sustain noiseless movement.

It is best to apply lubricant every few weeks to prevent squeaks on your shower door. Avoid using cooking oil, as it becomes sticky after several days. Stickiness hampers smooth hinge movement.