How to Fix Torn Canopy Bed Net

What You'll Need
Tools, such as a hex wrench or a screwdriver, if you will need to remove the rails.
Netting material such as Tulle, Fine grained cheesecloth, Illusion, Chiffon or any other sheer and light fabric. Try to match the replacement material as closely as possible to your current material
No sew fabric glue

A canopy bed net is made out of delicate material. Even with the most careful of care, this fabric can become torn over time due to normal wear and tear. With some time and some very basic sewing skills you can repair the tear in your canopy bed net.

Step 1- Remove the Rails

Using your stepladder, if needed, remove the rail from the inside of the canopy bed frame. Gently remove the torn piece of canopy bed net and place it on the floor or a clean workspace, such as a table.

Step 2- Prepare the Area

Prepare the area that needs to be repaired by removing any loose threads. Be careful when doing this step, because sometimes, pulling on a loose thread will make the existing hole bigger or create a new hole all together. For this reason, it is best to use a pair of scissors and trim off any threads near the hole.

Step 3- Repair the Hole (The Sewing Method)

If the tear is clean, meaning that the edges are not jagged and it will go back together fairly clean, sew it shut with thread using your upholstery needle. When sewing the tear, use an overhand stitch for durability.

If the tear is uneven or jagged, you are going to need more reinforcement. Take a swatch of your canopy bed netting material such as Tulle, Fine Grained Cheese Cloth, Illusion or any other sheer, light fabric. Trim it to about 1/2 inch larger then the hole. Try to use a fabric type that closely matches the rest of your canopy bed net for a fairly clean and hard to notice repair. Using your upholstery needle, sew the fabric swatch into place using an overhand stitch for durability.

Step 4- Repair the Hole (The Non-Sewing Method)

If you do not have the sewing skills or the time to sew the tear, you can use a no sew fabric or hem glue. Cut a swatch of your canopy bed net material about 1/2inch larger then the tear. Place a thin line of the fabric glue around the perimeter of the fabric swatch and press the swatch to the canopy bed net. Hold in place for a few moments to allow it to adhere. Allow the glue to set for a few hours before hanging the canopy bed back up. If the fabric swatch will not adhere to the tear or if you want to add durability to the repair, use a simple stitch around the perimeter of the fabric swatch

Because of how delicate your canopy bed net material can be, avoid running it through a sewing machine unless your sewing machine has a setting that is designated for delicate materials (such as silk or chiffon).