How to Fix Tracks on Bifold Closet Doors

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
New Door (Optional)
Paint (Optional)
Drill and Drill Bits
Screws and Screwdriver
New Track (Optional)

Bifold closet doors take up less space than other types of doors. They are available in a wide range of different designs, all of which can lend themselves to different styles of decor. Fixing bifold closet doors is a very easy project. If the door sticks, moves too much or simply won't open, this may be due to problems with the track.

Step 1 - Testing the Door

Before you do anything else,  try opening and closing the door. Make a note of any place where the door sticks. This suggests that there is a problem with the track in that area.

Step 2 - Removing the Door

Pess the pivot pins down and lift the doors out of the tracks. This is a very easy process, you just need to be careful that you don't accidentally cause more harm than good when taking the door off. Once the door is removed you should stand it up somewhere out of the way.

Step 3 - Inspecting the Track

Once the door has been removed you should have easy access to the track. If there are any problems with the track then the signs of this should be clearly noticeable. Take a look at the condition of the track and find out what's going on. If the door stops sliding properly then this suggests a track or pivot pin problem.

Try and find out what is causing the problem and causing the door to stick. It could be something as simple as a loose screw or possibly a bent piece of track.

Step 4 - Fixing the Problem

Once you know exactly what is wrong with the track you should then know how to fix it. If the problem is caused by a loose screw then you can simply tighten the screw. If the track is damaged or bent, you can either try to bend the track into shape, or alternatively you can replace the broken section of track with a brand new piece.

Replacing the track is very easy. Start by unscrewing the old section of track and removing it. Measure the length of the track and use this measurement to cut a new piece of track for your bifolding doors. Then drill and countersink the track so that it can be fixed in the door opening by using screws.

Step 5 - Replacing the Doors

Once the track has been repaired it's then a matter of pressing the pins back down and putting the doors back into place. At this stage you could also change the doors or give them a lick of paint if you wanted.