How to Fluff Berber Carpet

What You'll Need
Hair dryer
Kitchen fork
Kitchen spoon

Berber carpet is a great carpet to install and enjoy in our home because it is often resistant to a great deal of wear and tear, it doesn’t show dirt easily and it doesn’t break down from the weight of furniture as quickly as a plush carpet. When we rearrange furniture, you get flat tufts of Berber carpet from the previous set locations of your furniture. This creates small indentations around the room and makes the room look untidy. So, after you have rearranged your room, you may ask yourself: How do I get the furniture dents out of the carpet? The following steps will take care of your crushed piles due to high traffic and furniture.

Step 1 – Wet a Towel

Wet a towel with very hot water. The hotter the water better. Ring out the towel very well as you do not want the water to get into you sub floor which could, in the long run cause serious damage. So wring the towel as much as possible ensuring that it is damp and very hot but not sopping wet.

Step 2 – Lay the Towel Down

You will put the hot towel on the carpet where the furniture dent is. Pat it a little making sure you don’t press too hard. The area only needs some moisture and not be sopping wet.

 Step 3 – Use a Hairdryer

Turn your hairdryer on to its highest setting. Make sure you wait until you reach the maximum heat from the dryer. Hold the dryer above the towel approximately 5 inches away.

Step 4 – Maintain Heat

The hair dryer should be held above the towel for at least 20 to 30 seconds before removing it from the dent in the carpet. Keep the hair dryer on the highest possible heat setting. Make sure it stays a constant 5 inches away for the entire time.

Step 5 – Remove the Towel

Lift up the towel and look at the carpet. There should be a little improvement just from using the damp towel and the hot hair dryer.

Step 6 – Fluff the Carpet

Take your fingers and do your best to fluff up the carpet. It should be very easy to do this at this point. If not you might need to repeat the first five steps.

As an alternative to using your fingers, try using a kitchen spoon or fork to fluff the carpet. This may also help alleviate the dents in your Berber Carpet. Last, use an ice cube in a cloth to remove the dents before hand fluffing.

Step 7 – Regular Maintenance

In order to avoid future furniture dents it’s a good idea to move your furniture just a little bit every week, or every 2 weeks. There’s really no way to avoid dents altogether, but this may help to make those dents disappear very quickly.