How to Fold a Backpacking Camping Tent

What You'll Need
Tent bag
Twine for tying the tent
Rags to clean up the tent before folding

While setting up a backpacking camping tent is very easily, folding it after use can be a bit tricky. Improperly folded camping tents are favorite breeding grounds for molds. Moreover, a badly folded camping tend can develop creases which may result in severe damage to the tent material. To fold your camping tent and prevent damage, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Clean the Tent before Folding

Before you start folding your camping tent, remove items inside the tent then use a damp rag to wipe the insides of the tent. Be sure to remove all food crumbs and other particles that can invite molds to grow. After wiping the insides of the tent, wipe the outside of the tent. You need to air dry the tent before you fold it. Do not attempt to fold your tent why it is wet or damp. Remember that damp areas are favorite breeding grounds of molds so make sure that your tent is completely dry before folding.

Step 2 – Remove the Stakes

Once the tent is clean and dry, remove the stakes or pins that are holding your tent to the ground. Put the stakes and pins inside a small bag or bundle them together with a piece of small rope or twine and store them inside your backpack. Never put the stakes and pins inside the bag holding your tent. Remember that stakes and pins are sharp objects so they can easily puncture holes into your tent materials.

Step 3 – Remove the Tent Poles

To remove the tent poles, simply pull them out from the loops of your tent and fold them accordingly. If your tent poles are segmented or have different sections that fit together to create long poles, remove the fitted sections and store them inside the pole bag.

Step 4 – Shake the Tent

After removing the poles from your tent, pick up the tent and give it a good shake to remove debris clinging to it.

Step 5 – Pull the Tent Flat

Put the tent on the ground and pull it until it lays flat. Check the bottom side of the tent and make sure that it is completely dry. If the bottom of the tent is still damp use a dry rag to wipe off the moisture, then air dry the tent for at least 20 minutes.

Step 6 – Fold the Tent

To fold the tent, lift the outsides of the tent toward the middle, making sure that the folds are in straight lines. You need to fold the tent lengthwise. When folding the tent, make sure that the door stays on top of the fold. After folding the tent lengthwise, pat the folded tent to release the trapped air.

Step 7 - Roll and Store

After releasing the trapped air inside the tent, roll the tent carefully starting from the end farthest from the door then work your way up. Tie the rolled up tent with twine, then put it inside your tent bag.