How To Frame A Basement Window

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What You'll Need
Tape measure
Framing nails
Stud gun
2x4 lumber

Framing a basement window is an important step in building a basement wall. Building an interior wall next to an exterior wall is a good way to insulate your basement from outside temperatures.

If you decide to insulate a basement wall with a window using a new interior wall, you will need to frame the window. If you lack the experience to do this project but would like to give it a try, you will find this project to be easier and less time consuming if you have a few instructions, such as the steps below.

Measure Dimensions for Your New Walls

To estimate the lumber you'll need for your new wall and window frame, measure the length of the exterior basement wall near which you'll be building your new framed wall and window.

Assuming your walls will be the standard 8-feet, multiply the number of linear feet of your exterior wall by 2, then divide that total by 8. Doing so will determine the number of 8-foot pieces of 2x4-inch boards you'll need for your top and bottom plates, which are the term for the horizontal parts of the wall.

Divide that by 8 to determine the number of 8-foot studs you will need. Add 2 more 8-foot pieces of the 2x4-inch lumber for your window frame.

Mark Stud Locations on the Plates

Lay your top and bottom plates side by side with the ends even. Using your tape measure, place a mark every 16-inches on both plates.

Attach Studs to the Bottom Plate

Place a wall stud against the bottom plate where you have marked it. Attach the stud to the plate by driving 16-penny nails or 2-inch screws through the plate into the stud.

Do the same with the far-end stud. When both studs are attached, you should have an 8x8-foot square. Attach the other studs to the top and bottom plates as you did with the end pieces.

Measure, Cut, and Install the Window Frame

Measure the distance from each wall to the edge of the window, and measure the width and height of the window. Then mark the wall studs where this window frame will be located.

With your saw, cut a length from each stud that matches the height of the window frame, then attach a top and bottom plate so that you create a square in the studs. This square, with a 2x4-inch piece on the top, bottom, and both sides, will be the window frame into which you will install the window.

Attach the Wall Frame to the Floor

Lift the wall frame into place, lining-up the window frame with the window in the concrete wall. When your frame is perfectly parallel with the exterior wall, attach the bottom plate to the floor using a stud-gun to drive concrete nails through the bottom plate into the concrete floor.