How to Frame a Garage Door Opening

What You'll Need
Lumber for garage doorframe
Measuring tape
Garage door with installation kit
Goggles, mask and gloves

You need little experience in carpentry to  frame your garage door. Moreover, this project is inexpensive and only requires materials you probably already have in your toolbox. Follow the simple steps below to effectively build a frame for your garage door opening on your own.

Step 1 – Measure the Door Opening

Get the exact measurements of the door opening for which you need to make a frame. Take note to adjust your measurements in such a way that the garage door will fit into it perfectly.

Step 2 – Don Safety Gear

Wear the safety gear you set aside for this task to make sure that you are safe from debris and other accidents when cutting wood, etc. Also make sure that your workplace is large enough for you to move around.

Step 3 – Cut the Wood

Cut the lumber for the garage door frame according to the measurements you made in Step 1. Leave a few inches' allowance just in case the measurements are slightly off. You need to make sure that the frames fit perfectly on the garage door opening. You can always cut away the excess inches of wood later, but you can not add more.

Step 4 – Attach the Frames

Start assembling the frame by attaching the lumber for the top ends first before you work on the sides. It is a lot easier to adjust the measurements of the side frames late rather than cutting and adjusting the lumber used for the top frame. Use the hammer to secure the doorframes with the nails.

Step 5 – Attach the Garage Door

Attach the garage door inside the frame using the installation kit that the garage door should come with.

Step 6 – Paint the Frames and the Door

Paint the frames and the garage door after installing to make sure they have a uniform color. If you want the garage door frames to be of a different shade, you will have to paint them before installing the garage door to ensure a clean paint job. Wear a mask while painting to ensure that you don’t inhale the fumes.