How to Frame a Patio Roof

What You'll Need
Weather Treated Wood
Post Digger or Shovel
Post Anchors
Circular Saw
Concrete Circular Saw Blade
Post Caps
Chalk Wire

Are you ready to frame your patio roof? If you are tired of the weather playing a role in whether or not you get to use your patio, then it is time to think about building a cover. After taking measurements and purchasing the necessary tools and materials, you can begin by building the patio roof frame.

Step 1 - Dig Holes

Dig two holes; one on each corner of where you want the patio roof to be. Insert your post anchors, these will most likely be 4x4 post anchors. Pour concrete into the gaps in the ground surrounding your posts. This will ensure that your posts are secured into the ground.

Step 2 - Let Concrete Dry

In order to have a nice straight patio frame, do not continue building until the concrete has completely finished drying. Check the bag for a specific time frame, but overnight should be adequate.

Step 3 - Anchor Posts

Pre-drill a hole into your 4x4 posts. Anchor your posts to your post anchors in your now dry concrete.

Step 4 - Place Caps On Posts

Put a 4x4 post cap on the top of each post. ½ inch bolts should work here.

Step 5 - Attach Header

Run a header across the length of patio and connect with bolts on each side to the anchor caps.

Step 6 - Chalking

Use some chalk wire on the house to mark where you are going to place your ledger. Mark top and bottom lines of ledger width.

Step 7 - Use Circular Saw

Use circular saw to cut a line in the house to 1 1/8 inch depth.

Step 8 - Placing The Ledger On The House

Find and mark the studs on the wall of the house. Transfer stud marks to ledger then attach to house.

Step 9 - Place Your Rafters

Attach your rafters from ledger to ledger about every 16 inches. Once again this all depends on how big of a patio you have decided to do and measure out.

Now you have a general knowledge on how to frame your patio roof. These instructions are for a smaller patio. If you are going to build a bigger one you will need to look at a center support to carry the weight. If you have a very large patio to cover you might want to get quotes from the professionals on how much they would charge to cover it for you. Once you are finished with your frame work you can decide what type of patio roofing you are going to use, or if you would like to cover the frame work with a patio roof cover. Once your patio framework and roof are in place you can enjoy the outdoors even in stormy weather!