Materials to Frame a Plate Glass Window

Sheets of plate glass
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 1-2,500

Plate glass windows are made of thin sheets of glass and are often referred to as the window that is not tainted. Other names for plate glass windows are float glass and flat glass window. The window style from every home may differ but the same basic instructions of installing a frame window can still be used. This article will provide you background regarding the type of frame materials that you can use in framing a plate glass window.

Fiberglass and Composite

These are a new type of window frame. Highly energy efficient and strong, these frames are more expensive than vinyl and available only in limited colors.


Wood frames are also strong and durable, energy-efficient, and can be customized. They can also be quite expensive.


wall of vinyl windows

Vinyl frames have a uniform color, low maintenance, lower cost compared to wood or aluminum, can fit any opening size, and offer maximum insulation capability.


Aluminum window frames are made of lightweight but strong materials that can be easily maintained since they do not rust. Aluminum is more expensive than vinyl and is considered one of the safest window frames to use.

Installing the Frame

Get exact measurements of your window, mark the areas for drilling holes, drill the holes, mount the plate glass window (you may seek help from another person to avoid accidents), balance the glass window, and firmly press the frame towards the window frame.