How To Germinate Artemisia Seeds

Many people choose to grow artemisia from artemisia seeds rather than by division and transplanting. Planting artemisia from seed is not very difficult. However, you will need to make sure that your artemisia seeds germinate properly in order for them to be useful. The following will provide a guide to help you properly germinate your artemisia seeds

Step 1 - Choose Only Fresh Artemisia Seeds

To have the best chance at germinating artemisia seeds, you will need to choose the freshest and newest seeds you can find. The older and more dormant the seed , the less chance it has of properly germinating. Get fresh artemisia seeds at your local garden nursery or from a friend or relative that has artemisia bushes in their garden or yard.

Step 2 - Surface Sow the Seeds

When sowing your artemisia seeds, you will need to make sure that they are sewed on the surface of a good quality soil mix that has good drainage and is moist or damp. Make sure not to sow them on soil that has been soaked too much with water. The soil mix should be aerated, high in peat moss concentration, and you should avoid packing the soil too much. You can also use the peat pellets in your soil mixture to provide a healthier potting soil for germination.

Step 3 - Artemisia Seeds Need Heat and Light

You may want to consider shining a bright, incandescent light on them to provide both the heat and light that the seeds will need for germination. Try to maintain temperature levels of about 68 degrees Fahrenheit to promote healthy germination of the seeds.

Step 4 - Keep the Seeds Moist Not Soaked

While you are waiting for your artemisia seeds to germinate, keep the soil moist and damp but not too wet. Depending upon the humidity in the area, you may have to add small amounts of water every few days or once every week or so. If you water the seeds and soil mix too much, you will run the risk of your seeds rotting.

Step 5 - Cover the Seeds

Use clear plastic to cover the seeds while you wait for them to germinate. Using a clear plastic cover will help maintain adequate moisture and humidity levels in the soil, which is essential for artemisia seed germination.

Step 6 - Wait for the Seeds to Germinate

With proper conditions for heat, light, moisture and soil quality, artemisia seeds will usually germinate in about 14 days to 30 days.

Step 7 - Germinate More Than You Need

When germinating Artemisia seeds, you should plant more seeds than your desired number of plants. Even under the best of conditions, some seeds will not germinate. Make sure you have enough seeds for planting.