How to Get an Even Layer of Black Fence Paint

What You'll Need
Paint scraper
Water hose
Paint sprayer (rental tools)
Clear coat

Black fence paint looks beautiful if properly applied. Unfortunately, working with black paint is challenging It's hard to get a smooth, even coat, and it will show imperfections if it has drips and runs, or if is uneven. Follow the steps below to get a perfect finish.

Step 1 - Scrape Loose Paint

This is an important step. If you do not remove loose paint from your fence prior to painting, you new finish will chip, and perhaps peel. Use a paint scraper to remove all loose paint. This is time consuming, but very worth it to get a great final result.

Step 2 - Wash The Fence

After you have scraped off the loose paint, use a water hose to was down the fence to remove any debris left over. After you have washed it well, allow the fence to completely dry. You will then be ready to apply primer.

Step 3 - Apply Primer

Load primer into the paint gun. Apply the primer in even sweeping strokes. Be sure to do both sides! When finished, clean out the paint cartridge on the paint sprayer while allowing the primer to dry completely.

Step 4 - Paint the Fence

Load the sprayer with black paint. Again, use sweeping strokes to get an even coat. Allow the paint to dry. If you notice that you have some uneven areas, repeat with another coat of paint. Allow this to dry.

Step 5 - Clear Coat

You will apply clear coat in the same manner as the primer and paint. This will help protect your black paint from the elements, while helping it resist chipping and peeling. The black paint on your fence will last for years.