How to Get Gravel for a Rock Driveway

Gravel is a good choice to use for a rock driveway. Economical and practical, it can usually be found at your local garden and landscaping supplier. If you're on a tight budget, there are ways to find both discounted and free gravel.

Gravel Suppliers

Get a few quotes from gravel suppliers in your area. Quotes usually vary from supplier to supplier. Keep in consideration the delivery costs, which can vary as well and should be calculated into the total price. Ask suppliers if they have any seconds, or old gravel that can be sold at a discount.

Classified Ads

Look in your local papers to see if there is any second hand gravel for sale. Check classifieds on the internet, local communities, and online newspapers. Ebay is another good place to check for second hand gravel. In some cases, there will be no delivery available, so make sure you have an appropriate vehicle for collection.

Free Gravel

Rather than having to remove it themselves, some people are prepared to give gravel away for free. If you are willing to dig it out and remove it yourself, a few hours labor could be worth the hard work. Check newspapers, local noticeboards, and classifieds. Use online search engines, and post notices requesting free gravel.