How to Get Ozone Water Purification in Your Home

What You'll Need
Ozonator Kit
Additional tubing

You can use Ozone water purification for drinking water, aquarium water and water for your home pool and spa. Ozone disinfects water by killing biological contaminants that can cause harm to living organisms when ingested or when it touches the skin. It oxidizes and precipitates iron, sulfur and manganese so they can be filtered out of solution. It may also remove bad taste and color or your drinking water. All available ozonators come with power cords and are connected to the equipment control box via a supplied cord end, or they are hard wired directly into the control box. Look on the side of your control box where everything plugs in, if you see an empty slot that will accept a third prong plug then most likely this is meant for an ozonator.

Step 1 – Unplug

Remove the plug at the end of the tube, and then start the pump on the low speed filter cycle.

Step 2 – Check the Suction

Check the end of the tube for a slight suction by feeling it on the palm of your hand. You will usually a constant suction when you pull it a little from your palm. You may also use a light object but bigger then the hole to see if it holds it up against the hose.

Step 3 – Check the Cord

Look at the control box and identify the cord end that will match the outlet for ozonator. Purchase one that will match your control box.

Step 4 – Find a Location

Find a mounting location that will hold up your control box and make sure it will never come in contact with water.

Step 5 – Make a Loop

Create a loop, also known as a Hartford Loop, in the tubing. This will prevent water from backing up into the ozonator. This is very important as it will jeopardize your new ozonator and void warranty and you wouldn’t want this to happen. Water must never be allowed to enter nor back up into the ozonator. Replace tubing that is too short with a longer one to ensure that the mechanism works properly. Ozone kits will include instructions that will ensure proper installation. Always follow these guidelines. Make sure your machine is installed in a way the will allow the ozone to be drawn  through the tube into the spa properly.

Step 6 – Plug

Plug the cord into the power source. Check manufacturer’s instruction on how to know if the machine in running properly.

Step 7 – Observe the Spa

Turn on the filter cycle and observe your spa, there should be one jet that is producing tiny bubbles. The ozone uses these bubbles to enter the spa water.