How to Get Paint off Plexiglass

  • 15-25
What You'll Need
Liquid or semi-liquid paint remover
Plastic scraper
Glass cleaner
Paper towels
What You'll Need
Liquid or semi-liquid paint remover
Plastic scraper
Glass cleaner
Paper towels

The biggest concern in removing spilled over paint from plexiglass is that it might get scratched. If the paint has dried up, this concern becomes even more serious. However, you can avoid scratches by using a paint remover, also known as paint stripper. It is a chemical compound which breaks down the paint so that it can be easily scraped away.

Even with the use of paint remover, the task is not easy and requires you to be very careful. Follow the 12 steps described below, carefully, to remove the paint from plexiglass without scratching it.

Step 1 – Purchase Remover/Cleaner

Purchase a good quality paint remover. Don’t try to save money by buying a cheaper remover as it might not be effective and you may end up scratching your glass. Also, in case you already don’t have a glass cleaner, purchase the same.

Step 2 – Choose Location

Generally, a paint remover releases strong fumes which can have an adverse effect on your health. Hence, you should work in a well-ventilated or an outdoor place.

Step 3 – Open Windows

If the plexiglass that you want to clean is an indoor fixture such as a door, then make sure you open all the windows around the work area.

Step 4 – Place Newspaper

Place some newspaper around the working area. If you are cleaning a door, slide the newspaper under it. Make sure that you put multiple layers of newspaper.

Step 5 – Take Care of Floor

Paint remover can damage the finish of your floors. So, in case remover drops onto the floor, make sure you clean it immediately with a cloth.

Step 6 – Apply the Remover

Spray the remover over the painted area. In case you are cleaning a door or any other thing that has plexiglass in an upright position, use a semi-liquid paste of the remover.

Step 7 – Leave for 20 Minutes

Let the paint remover work for at least 20 minutes. This will give time for the paint remover to effectively work on the paint and to break it down so that you can remove it easily.

Step 8 – Remove the Paint

Now remove the paint using the plastic scraper gently. Take care not to put any scratches on the plexiglass.

Step 9 – Prevent Scratches

If some paint seems to stick on, don’t try to forcibly remove it. You will end up scratching the glass. It is better to reapply the remover and wait for another 20 minutes.

Step 10 – Use Cleaner

Put some glass cleaner on a folded clean and dry paper towel. Wipe the painted area with the towel to clean up the scraped paint. You can use more force in this step as compared to step 8 or 9.

Step 11 – Repeat the Process

If you find that some amount of paint is still left, repeat the steps 6 to 10. In most cases, you won’t need to repeat this more than once.

Step 12 - Finishing

Clean up the area. Pick up the newspaper and throw it away. Thoroughly wash your hands to wash away any remover/cleaner.