How to Get Rid of Bees

A bee hovering over a bunch of white flowers.
  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30
What You'll Need
A pesticide specifically for bees (Raid)
Borax, Baygon, Sevin, or Microcare
Protective clothing
What You'll Need
A pesticide specifically for bees (Raid)
Borax, Baygon, Sevin, or Microcare
Protective clothing

While bees are intelligent, hardworking, and beneficial creatures, they can be pests in your garden and around your home. Follow these steps to learn how to get rid of bees. Look for places where they might build their nests like eaves and awnings, voids of walls, and porches.

Step 1 - Locate the Bees' Nest

Bees are day dwelling insects, so it’s easiest to spot them at the beginning of dusk when the sun is setting or late dawn when the sun is starting to rise. They will be easy to see because you will notice a shimmer of wings moving together. Sometimes you will also see a cloud of bees around a hive as they are either entering or exiting.

Step 2 - Kill the Bees

bees hovering around an opening in the house

You must kill bees when they start attacking you in your home. Once you locate their nest, spray it with a pesticide like Raid. It’s best to do this in the evening or even later and to wear a face mask, thick socks, and gloves. Spray the can of Raid directly into the nest.

Step 3 - Repeat Process

The next day, monitor the nest. You should not see any traffic of bees going to and from the area. If you do spot some bees, repeat the extermination process one more time. Make sure you check again the next morning to make sure they are all gone.

Step 4 - Get Rid of Bees With Borax

Boric acid or borax powder is an effective way of getting rid of bees the natural way. Borax dust is also good in case the bees have made their nest in a place where it is difficult to reach and spray. Borax works as effectively on bees as it does on ants. Bees get the dust on themselves and bring it to their nest, so the whole population will get affected and eventually die. Instead of Borax, you can also use Sevin Dust to get rid of the bees.

Step 5 - Get Rid of the Nest

bee hive in a tree

Make sure you get rid of the beehive once you have killed the bees. If you leave the nest, it might be adopted by another colony of bees later. Be wary of the nest as there might still be some bees lurking there. Before attempting to tackle it, dress up in thick sweats, a cap and gloves, so you have a safety buffer just in case there are any bees still alive. Sometimes the nest is in a high, difficult-to-reach place, and you might need to get the help of a professional to have it removed.

This guide on how to get rid of bees will have these pests out of your hair in no time.